Esin 2015 Autumn Workshops

Esin is running workshops in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sapporo, October – November 2015. Interested in participating? Sign up through the form below and we’ll follow up with you directly. Got any questions? Look at our Q&A below or contact us directly

When: 26 – 30 October
Where: Makers’ Base
Price: ¥150,000
Creative Leader: Dirk van Dooren 

When: 2 – 6 November
Where: Inter x cross Creative Center
Price: ¥120,000
Creative Leaders: Joel Baumann, Dirk van Dooren


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Q&As – things you need to know

What can I expect from the workshop?

All workshops focus on the development of creative thinking and will be run by our creative leaders. There is no pre-defined structure. Your time is spent making work. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

See: The workshop experience

Do I need to be a creative professional to attend the course?

No. The purpose is to help you be more creative in the work that you do – whatever that may be.

What should I bring with me?

There is no obligation to bring anything, however most participants bring a laptop or tablet and a camera / video camera of some kind  – your smartphone, for example, would be fine.

How many participants will there be?

The number of participants varies, but we aim for around 15 people per workshop.

What is the main language of the workshop?

All workshops take place in English. For Japanese workshops, there will be bilingual ‘communicators’ to provide translation for participants with limited English. (Note: we cannot guarantee word-for-word translation of everything that is being said all the time)

Important note: Esin reserves the right to change workshop details, including dates. If details do change, we will let you know  as soon as we can.